About the Site

Maurice L. Naylon IV (“Chipp”) wrote The New Ministry of Truth over the course of four years.  Following a deployment to Afghanistan that left him with significant amounts of anger and frustration, he used writing as a form of catharsis, pouring his emotions into this work.  This experience - the therapeutic effects of writing - drove him to launch this website as a platform for veterans to share their stories and have their voices heard.

Maurice "Chipp" Naylon

About the Author

After growing up in Buffalo, New York, the author attended the United States Naval Academy and commissioned into the Marine Corps. In his nine years in the Marines, he served as an infantry officer in a variety of roles with a group of absolutely incredible people. Following his time in the service, he and his wife, Jenna, settled in Richmond, Virginia. In addition to serving as the chief editor for this site, Chipp currently works as an accountant and travel writer, jobs he acknowledges are just about as far from the content of The New Ministry of Truth as he could possibly travel.

The author can be contacted at author@newministryoftruth.us.